10 Golden Rules

10 Golden Rules for Migraine Patients


Avoid the regular use of analgesics on more than 10 days in order to prevent a permanent headache caused by medication overuse.


Note carefully the triggers of your migraine attacks. It is important that you know what may have caused the attack, e.g. certain foods, adverse weather conditions or other environmental circumstances. It is best to keep record on these events in a migraine calendar.


Review your eating habits – avoid any excess of fat, sugar, citrus, coffee, alcohol and nicotine. Look after regular and healthy eating habits.


Take regular breaks in ordert o relax – e.g. with autogenic training, yoga or music. Create a physical balance by pursuing a hobby or light e exercises.


Be aware of excessive noise and do not expose yourself to strong light or sunshine.


Review your expectations towards yourself and others. Do not place the bar too high and work towards more serenity.


Learn to say NO! Try to reduce mental strain (e.g. worry, feeling responsible for everybody and everything) and daily stress. Do not overburden yourself.


Drug prophylaxis can improve your quality of life enormously. Especially, if you suffer from frequent (more than 3 attacks per month) and long migraine attacks, including an extended aura phase. Talk to your doctor.


Pay attention to your body’s signals: Try to find out what the pain wants to tell you. And be convinced that there is help for you. Remember that you are not alone with your condition.


Join a support group or start one yourself. We are ready to support you.